About WCS Network


WCS Network specializes in colocation, dedicated servers and reseller Hosting in its private facilities.

WCS Network is a privately owned, leading website hosting provider offering managed services that range of reliable, secure, entry-level to enterprise-level hosting operations. Since it's founding in late 2001, the fully supported managed services and tools the company offers have empowered users to do more, cost efficiently.

The company quickly gained popularity shortly after starting business, offering only quality shared hosting services
during the first 16 months of operation, and became recognized as a reliable host. Due to high customer demand, the company began planning expansion of its managed services and product line for the following year.

In 2003, WCS Network opened its first state-of-the-art data center in Orlando, Florida and migrated all hosting service operations from a prior third party data center facility in Miami. Dedicated server hosting, colocation, and ISP services
were now added to the services and product line.

In the Fall of 2004, the company outgrew the capabilities of its first data center and plans for a second data center
were initiated. By early 2005, the company's second data center was launched introducing over 10, 000 sq. ft. of
additional space for growth.

Through various partnerships of leading companies in the software and bandwidth industries, WCS Network has
evolved as a central source for solutions in the hosting field. Presently ranked among the top 50 hosts in the world, housing over 3,000 servers, and hosting over 500,000 domains, the company seeks to continue to do
what it does best: Deliver reliable, high quality hosting with exceptional support, cost-effectively.

Why WCS Network?

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business you share a common goal when it comes to reaching your staff, suppliers, and customers electronically. You need to ensure your data and applications are secure, accessible 24x7, scalable, and comply with any relevant government regulations. The challenge is dealing with limited budgets, resource availability, and time needed to get up and running all while meeting market demand.

The bottom line is you need a professional grade data center in order to compete effectively in today's marketplace, however to build and maintain such a facility that is expandable for future growth is not always cost effective nor the best use of time and resources.

Therefore, we provide a high performing data center facility that is secure and fault-tolerant to house your data and applications. Our engineering staff ensures that the proper infrastructure is in place to enable your online operations to stay up with the ability to scale as quickly as you need. We provide the foundation and connections you need to reach any market and grow your business to any level.

You end up getting the performance and reliability needed to compete while utilizing us to reduce costs, improve operations, and invest the saved money and people elsewhere in your business that will give you the best growth potential for your business.

Value Delivered

Reduced Cost of Operations

Avoid large capital expenditures in building and operating a data center facility.

Concentration of Priorities

Focus on your business not on the network connectivity, security, cooling, and power of the data center facility.

Business Growth

Redirect your staff and apply funds saved to other areas of your business that will give you the best growth potential for your business.

Reduced Time to Revenue

Improve your time to revenue by not having to plan, design, finance, purchase, construct, and test the infrastructure needed because we have it in place and it is proven to perform.

Increased Confidence of Operations

Know your operations are functioning at peak performance due to the redundancies and network in place that has grown our clients. businesses since 1995.

Secured Assets and Hedge Against Disaster

Reduce your exposure to security and business continuity threats due to our secure facility with video monitoring and multiple access verification points at each entrance as well as having your operations housed in a facility able to withstand virtually any manmade or natural disaster.